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WoodUpp™Akupanel 240 acoustic slat wood panels

WoodUpp™Akupanel 240 acoustic slat wood panels

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Acoustic slat wood panel - 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm

Enhance your sound environment with our Akupanels, featuring special felt backing made from 60% recycled plastic for optimal noise absorption. It’s ideal for fostering a comfortable, relaxing space with it’s “Sound Class A” rating.

The slats not only establish a minimalistic Nordic look but also aid in breaking the sound waves. Our core is composed of medium-density fibreboard, available in either black or natural.

Our surfaces are selected based on the principles of Nordic Design philosophy. All materials are of the highest quality and the veneer is sourced from sustainable forestry.

Our commitment to premium quality is reflected in our local production. Crafting our products in Denmark ensures that each piece meets our high standards of Nordic Design.

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